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hanna francis

Debut EP

"High Hopes for Someday"










"Hanna Francis is an American folk singer/songwriter who is relatively new to the songwriting scene, but making quite an impression! Thanks to a very raw and unique writing style, Hanna performs songs that are both entertaining and haunting. Hanna manages to make a work of art out of life by giving its dark sides a sense of humor."

-Leah Harris, "Jam Session Diaries" 

Hanna grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and was raised by Balkan folk music and dance enthusiasts. When she was young, she played Irish, Swedish, and Balkan fiddle. In her teenage years, she discovered the world of rock and blues, falling in love with Jack White, Led Zeppelin, and Cream. Often consumed by her rich inner life to escape from a confusing and painful outer life, she found refuge and comfort in writing. Sometimes the words would rhyme and sometimes melodies would occur to her. Life and music kept improving together from there.

“When you’re telling the truth, you don’t have to be loud for people to hear you.” - Izzy Young

“The whole idea of music, from the beginning of time, was for people to be happy.” - Robert Plant







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New York - Rockwood Music Hall, December 17, 2018

Rome - Boogie Club, April 4, 2019

Paris - Berkeley Books, April 9, 2019

Amsterdam - Acoustic Sessions at Zoku, April 12, 2019

Dublin - Apollo Sessions at the Bleeding Horse, April 14, 2019

Dublin - Circle Sessions at the International Bar, April 15, 2019